Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tim Burton Will Not Barf On This Blog - A Reimagining of the Paradox

I'm reimagining this blog. If Christopher Nolan can reimagine Batman and Marc Webb can reimagine Spiderman...

Wait, the Amazing Spiderman's director's name is Webb?? You just know he has felt destined to be Spiderman since he was 5. But then he turned out all schlubby and geeky and made 500 Days of Summer and then he said, "Hm, perhaps I will direct Spiderman instead."

I'm just spitballing here, but I assume that's what happened.

Anyways, if those guys can reimagine some classic franchises with long histories and their own successes and failures, then I too can reimagine my own humble little political blog into more of an everygeek experience blogapalooza. Hopefully it's a Batman scenario where the result is super great and not a Willy Wonka situation where the "reimagining" is more like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp jerking each other off for two hours and then barfing all over what is good and holy.

Was Charlie even in this movie?

It's not that I'm not still into politics. It's just that they kind of suck and are super depressing. I want to write about the things that make me happy - namely, geeky pop culture. It's my wheelhouse. As a con-going (Comic- and Blizz- so far), Whedon-worshipping, board-game playing, fantasy reading/watching gamer girl, my wheelhouse is pretty diverse.

What's the paradox, you ask? Well besides the pointed reference to the Gilbert & Sullivan gem The Pirates of Penzance, it's regarding the fact that I am an extroverted geek. And that doesn't just mean that in conversation I'll look at your shoes instead of my own. It means that I often enjoy leaving my house and doing things with large groups of people. The funny part of all this is that I'm really not so unique in this. Ever been to a ren-faire? How about a con of just about any sort? Loads of geeks in one place who think they're introverts but who in actuality love being around and interacting with lots of people, as long as they all have something in common. Not so paradoxical at all, when you think about it. Whatever, I'm keeping the name.

So henceforth, herewith, thus, and ergo I do decree this blog a blog of geek proportions. Go forth and do what we're all doing on Sunday nights (watching Game of Thrones, natch), then return later for more geekery. And follow me on twitter @ParadoxDaily.


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toonsniped said...

I heard that Tim was trying to get your address off the interwebs and he had gumbo for lunch!