Monday, February 2, 2009

My Weird Obsession

Sarah Palin.

I know... she was a long shot phenomenon, a one hit wonder, exciting for the masses for two weeks and then merely repulsive. Except that's not really true. She is the gift that keeps on giving. I'll stop commenting on her antics when she stops acting all crazy-like. Some are worried about her 2012 run because of her bizarre mass appeal among the right wing (Republicans responding to a recent Rasmussen poll indicate that they want the GOP to become more conservative and to be more like Palin: "43 percent of Republicans say the party has been too moderate over the past eight years. 55 percent say they think Palin should become the model for the national GOP." - from I am not worried about such a run. Bring it on, I say! Any excuse to have the spotlight on this batty old hen so I have more fodder for this darn blog.

Most recently, Sarah Palin has proposed a NEW Road to Nowhere (to go with that Bridge to Nowhere) in Alaska. In her State of the State address last week, she highlighted the "Road to Nome" project which will cost over $2 billion. She also pointed out that the state would have a budget shortfall of over $1 billion. I don't suppose you need math to be an executive?

In other Palin news, Ashley Judd has recorded a fancy new ad slamming our favorite hockey mom for promoting the aerial killing of wolves and bears in Alaska. Watch here:

Okay, maybe I don't know the whole story here, and maybe there's a reason why killing wolves from a helicopter is a good thing (back in the U.P. I know deer hunting is essential to control the deer population up there... I'm curious about if the same is true for wolves in Alaska? Check back on that...) but at first glance it seems pretty damn despicable.

Finally, in non-political holy-wah news, doctors in Maryland removed a donated kidney through a woman's vagina last week!! Read about it here!

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