Monday, December 8, 2008

Twitter Addiction

The Paradox is growing... you can now link to my posts through Twitter! ( or just click "follow" on the Twitter app on the right side of this page!) TwitPics, blog updates, messages, and status updates 24/7! I want to thank Ryan for helping me get this all set up. A real life saver. Or... blog saver. Or whatever - just thanks. You're nice. Here's a present:


FlyRyan said...

Awwwww thanks. :-)

You're the nice one. I'm an asshole. Just look at the video I made you watch! :-P

Anonymous said...

That was an incredible reaction! I love it! Try this one out if you get a chance:

Be warned!!! I think this one makes 2 girls 1 cup look like tasteful erotica! Don't watch on a full stomach ;-)