Monday, December 22, 2008

No Throw?

Am I the only one to notice that Keith Olbermann seems to have stopped "throwing" to Rachel Maddow each evening? The "throw" is the couple of chatty moments between anchors when one introduces the other's show, they appear in split screen, the second thanks the first, and then the second's show begins. Jon Stewart throws to Stephen Colbert approximately once per week. It's a way to keep viewers tuned in. Keith generally throws to Rachel every night. Friday and today, however, not only did he neglect the throw, but he didn't even mention a "stay tuned for The Rachel Maddow Show up next" before his signature paper-flinging-fake-breaking-the-camera move. With all the infighting at MSNBC ever since the party conventions, I have to wonder if the lack of throw indicates some sort of animosity between Keith and Rachel? I appear to be the only one who noticed at this point... a quick Google search turns up nothing about the slight. I'm going to watch this over the next couple of days to see if something turns up. Below, a Daily Show reminder of the laughs MSNBC produced with their self-hatred during the conventions:

Following that, there was the recent reporting (which I covered here and here at The Paradox) that Chris Matthews was using a possible Senate run as a bargaining chip in his contract negotiations with MSNBC. Matthews ended up renewing his contract last week, which I neglected to report because at the moment the Christmas miracle of SNOW in Las Vegas was trumping all political thought or reason in my brain, but the discussion surrounding the possibility of Matthews leaving MSNBC was causing some consternation around the network. So, back to my original thought, is all the infighting catching up to Keith and Rachel, who share an agent and who have always gotten on so well? Or has Keith stopped throwing to Rachel simply because her ratings are now such that she doesn't need the throw anymore? Am I reading too much into what I'm calling Keith's slight of my hero, Rachel Maddow? Input is welcome.

P.S. I blogged about this seemingly unimportant topic to distract myself from all the depressing news of the day. When I have sufficiently collected my thoughts I might go back to those depressing topics, but for now, this is what my psyche can handle.


Anonymous said...

Actually, they still throw to eachother. If you noticed, the live button was missing during Keith's show tonight because it was previously recorded, while Rachel's show was live, so he couldn't throw to her tonight.

I don't think there's any fighting between these two, they seem to get along well :)

John said...

and by depressing news you mean the pictures of our president-elect shirtless?

PoonietheGreat said...

I think they're showing pre0recorded Keith and/or straight up reruns.

Although, I have to admit... I miss their live throws.