Friday, November 21, 2008

You, Turkey - die. On camera!

oh Sarah Palin.... only you could make pardoning a turkey before Thanksgiving a controversial move!

Word has it that before the interview the reporter asked if Palin wanted to move so there wouldn't be a slaughter going on in the background and Palin was just fine where she was... mostly i just think the whole thing is funny. It's not like there's blood or giblets spraying everywhere, but that would be a GREAT idea for an SNL parody this week!


Anonymous said...

Oh this would be amazing on SNL! They could have all kinds of horrible shit happening behind her that progressively gets worse and then move to stock footage of the Hindenburg or an atomic explosion or something. It'd be great!

PS Honest to God, I want her to run in 2012. It would ensure a 2 term Obama and she is just so much damn fun!

A Most Ingenious Paradox said...

and then the things she says in front of the slaughter would get increasingly perky and ironic... like "you just know that darn liberal media will find some way to spin this blessed event!"