Sunday, November 16, 2008

My First Live Blog: Steve Kroft Interviews Barack Obama on 60 Minutes

Note: You'll need to start at the bottom of this post to read the updates in order!

7:53: Yep, all done. Can't help but notice that the interview spent 23 minutes straight on policy and cabinet questions, and the next 30 on what I might call fluff. I think the real purpose of this interview was to get America acquainted with the Obamas as a family, since we've heard nothing but policy and campaign promises for the last 2 years, and we're a little sick of it at this point. It might have been nice to get another cabinet announcement, but otherwise, i'm satisfied. I love seeing Barack and Michelle together. Thanks for following along, if you did, and if not, thanks for taking the time to read through my first live blog!

7:50: Another commercial break! I think that means the interview is over...

7:49: And we're back to the potential of a college football playoff. Barack says he'll throw his weight around and get one... He's mostly joking, but who knows? If we can go to the moon, we can surely have 1 College Football champion per year in this country, right?

7:48: Barack makes the same observation i just made below about the order of the questions!

7:47: Also funny that the question of the mother-in-law moving in comes after the question about the dog moving in...

7:46: The dog question! The deal is that the dog isn't coming to the White House until the family is settled in... but how funny is it that there's some weird obsession in America with the dog?

7:41: Commercial break. Stretching fingers.

7:39: Steve asks Barack how Michelle will leave her imprint as First Lady - why didn't he ask her directly? Michelle is artful and tactful "women can do more than one thing well." She talks about military families (w00t!), making an impact in the D.C. area, etc.

7:37: They note that life has calmed down since the election, but Barack seems miffed that he can't take a walk on his own, or take his wife on a walk, or even go to the barber - he has to have his barber come to an "undisclosed location" to cut his hair. Miffed might be the wrong word... I might say sad.

7:36: I love that he keeps looking to his wife when he discusses the girls. These two are a real unit.

7:33: How was the visit to the White House? What did you talk about? Michelle tries to picture her kids running around with the as-yet-unadopted dog... the notion of sleepovers in the White House is brought up by Barack himself. Lucky little girls...

7:32: AWWWW... Barack and Michelle are quite possibly the cutest married couple I've ever seen. Talking about Harold's chicken shack and his old crappy car... i want to be their best friend...

7:26: Michelle joins Barack in the interview. She talks about how unbelievable it was when the results came in that her husband had been elected, and her pride in the country we live in to have affected this historic moment. This is a fun part of the interview... discussing the emotions of election night, Barack and Michelle's as well as those of the entire country. I'm glad Steve chose to ask these questions... "what was the conversation like the next morning at the breakfast table?" It reminds us how real these people are.

7:23: Finally, a commercial. I'm exhausted!

7:22: Every great president has had the ability to explain to the American people what is going on, what his plans are... he mentions FDR, JFK. This is something that has been lacking in recent years. Either because of super-secrecy, or because the president wasn't entirely sure himself...

7:17: Steve tries to get some cabinet announcements, including the Clinton question! Guess what answer he gets... "You're not getting anything out of me." He does affirm that there will definitely be Republicans in the cabinet, though.

7:16: Close to my heart: When will you begin redeployments out of Iraq? Obama's answer, paraphrased: The minute I take office, we will establish a plan and start drawing down our troops. And p.s. the situation in Afghanistan is so bad that we need to refocus there.

7:15: Can I just take a moment to discuss how utterly lovely it is to have an articulate president? This man doesn't dance around any questions - he is straightforward and knowledgeable. And as Seth Myers told us last night on SNL: "It's official... for the next 4 years, it's pronouced NU-CLE-AR" --- praise the Lord.

7:12: Ah the magic of editing... next shot panned out shows no sign of the big red arrow...

7:11: hahaha... camera pans out and Obama's red tie is hanging out the bottom of his buttoned black suit, it's a little too long so it reminds me of one of those shirts from the late 90's with the arrow pointing down proclaiming "Tickle THIS Elmo!"

7:10: The question that keeps coming up... is this year a parallel to 1932? Obama states that what we are going through is not nearly as bad as that... we do not have a 25% unemployment rate, for example.

7:05: The president-elect notes that there are a lot more people hovering around him since the big win, but it's nice to be home in his own bed. No kidding on the extra security details and people in general around him. Chicago, despite its deep love for Mr. Obama, is griping loudly about the traffic jams his security detail causes in the Loop, and the strain on Chicago police officers to work the detail.

7:00: the first look at the interview - there's that winning smile. And they replay that walk onto the stage on election night where Michelle was wearing that loud dress... she's gorgeous, anyway.

6:59 p.m.: Live blogging the Obama-60 Minutes interview begins in 1 minute!


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