Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Night Funnies

Back in March, Chris Matthews appeared on Ellen and grabbed her booby on accident while "dancing" with her:

Today, in preparation for Matthews's return to her show Thursday, Ellen practiced some self-defense moves just in case he gets frisky again. This link will take you to the article and video (the player is fancy and I can't embed it).

I'm sure his appearance Thursday will be memorable!


Anonymous said...

These Ellen videos made my week!

A Most Ingenious Paradox said...

seriously right? I actually feel bad for Chris - he was just trying to be a good sport and dance with Ellen, of whom he's a fan, and you can tell that when he accidentally grabbed her boob he was throwing her to the floor to get his hand OFF her boob as quick as possible. He was a really good sport while she made fun of him for it for like 8 months!