Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank you, readers!

I want to thank everyone who has responded to my post about political allegiances among military members. It's nice to hear from some of you from whom I haven't heard in awhile, and the responses were incredibly thoughtful. To those who feel uncomfortable discussing their liberal leanings around military folk, I want to assure you: so do I, and I am one! The interesting thing is that there is a secret club of closet Dems in the military. It's actually a pretty big club, but for some reason we're still closeted. I feel out a situation, avoid politics in new groups, and at some point someone might mention something about his or her "fabulous" best friend, and that's when I give that person the look... the, "don't worry, I'm one of you" look. I've made some pretty great friends this way. I should also point out that I have some great friends in the Air Force who are as conservative as they come. Those people I put in two categories: those with whom I avoid political discussions altogether (and you might not believe it from reading this blog, but I generally prefer not talking politics at all. I don't like to argue), and those with whom I can carry on an occasional, civilized, intelligent political conversation. Also important is that there are plenty of independents and apathetics in the military. These are my favorites. That's why I'm dating one. We can focus on arguments about "important things" (like which way the toilet paper hangs...) and never ever argue about politics. This makes me pretty happy. I guess my point is that the military is a microcosm of society, which means you get people from all walks of life and all political backgrounds. I beg you not to judge too quickly because you just might miss out on some pretty cool dudes and ladies.

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Anonymous said...

Well said...and toilet paper should definitely hang over, not under! :-)