Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Kidding...

So it looks like (and even looked like on Friday, but I've had quite a busy weekend) Obama's meeting with Hillary was in regards to the SecState position, but so was Obama's meeting with Richardson. We'll hold off on any calls on that front for a few more days, but I will say that with the info leaked and floating, being discussed by the talking heads and the bloggers all weekend, it would be quite a slight to Hillary's supporters if she is not actually offered the position or another high-ranking position in the administration... not the best way to kick off the next four years as the united front they've both boasted about. We'll see what happens there.

Tonight, our President-Elect will appear on 60 Minutes. My thoughts on that afterwards. (Yeah, i know it's already aired on the east coast... I love the weather out here but it sucks being 3 hours behind on everything!)

And finally, know how much I love Rahmbo? Here's a Rahmbo Fact Generator sent to me by John. The difference between Rahm facts and Chuck Norris facts? Rahm facts are 100% true! Just keep hitting refresh for new facts :-)

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