Friday, November 7, 2008

A Few Notes

As a follow up to yesterday's post on Prop 8, I have a couple of responses to comments I have received.

First, comment on the blog, so I can respond on the blog and it will look like someone's actually reading this thing! I have it set up so that you don't need a blogger account to comment, so everybody, anybody, leave comments!

Next: I am fully aware that Obama was against Prop 8. Any good progressive would be. Most of them were! My argument was, however, that time and resources may not have been allocated to the defeat of the proposition in the proportions that the Mormon church was committed to contributing in its support. Also, Obama's job as a political candidate, and soon as the president, is not to necessarily meddle in state ballot measures - he can, however, encourage state representatives to fight the good fight.

The other comment I received about the post was that it was a bit of a rant - my apologies! I want this blog to be entertaining and informative, not angry.

In a few: My discussion of Obama's newly appointed White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the Prop 8 issue! I can completely understand why Obama did not want to get involved in that issue. Lets be honest, though he won by a land slide in the electoral college it was pretty darn close in some states. Had he started trying to defend the rights of us gays does anybody honestly think he would have won North Carolina, Virginia, or Indiana?! However, there are some that I think could be helpful but are scared. My boy Carl Levin from Michigan is hugely popular and has been an effective senator for years. I think he could afford a few votes to help the gay community out (even though that ball was also dropped in Michigan a few years ago). Nancy Pelosi is one that I find myself very disappointing in. There was no chance she was going to lose her spot in Congress and I think, given that her district has one of the highest LGBT populations in the country, she could have easily done a lot to help without any fear of political ramifications. To be quite honest though, I believe the largest share of blame for the passing of Prop 8 and similar legislation should be placed on the gay community. I wrote quite the rant on this on my MySpace blog on Nov 5th so I'm loathe to rewrite it all so I'll merely post the link:

The fact is that gay marriage is decidedly unpopular amoung people of voting age right now. In even as little as 10 years that will be untrue and in 20 it will be almost the opposite. The point though, that the gay community and all civil rights groups need to start pushing is that civil rights issues should NEVER be up to the voting public! Its called the tyranny of the majority and its why we have protections in this country that prevent it from being "majority rules". When inter-racial marriage was legalized 75% of people thought it was wrong! This country is not a theocracy (try as the Bush administration might) and it is not a "Christian nation". Nationalism and a thousand other aspects of the United States are the furthest thing possible from Christ's teachings. Religion has once again been used as a method of control and power and has done so largely through lies. Ok, I think this has turned into far more of rant than I had intended (Sorry!) so I'll leave it at that for now. Check out the blog for a bit more on Prop 8. :-)