Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy News Day

Plenty of breaking news tonight - Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska has officially been defeated by Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich (by about 3,700 votes...) how weird is it that Alaskans would even almost vote in a convicted felon, nevermind a 7-count convicted felon? You can't vote, Mr. Stevens, but even you can be Senator!!! Except, not anymore.

Next, President-Elect Obama has selected former Clinton administration deputy attorney general Eric Holder as Attorney General. Holder is the first African American to lead the justice department. All these Clinton appointments leave the liberal blogosphere asking "what kind of change is this?" I will go back to my argument for Rahmbo (sigh..): Were 8 years of peace and prosperity under Bill Clinton too easy for you? I suspect that Mr. Obama will use these appointees' strengths and knowledge of the White House (as a government entity) to combat naysayers' issue that he is too inexperienced. I also suspect that Mr. Obama is smart and strong-willed enough to both listen to his political appointees and value their knowledge, as well as to hold his own and go head to head with them on issues. I should point out that he is repeatedly picking people who absolutely will go head to head with him. These are not yes-men and women. It really will be a team of rivals, as keeps being mentioned by the talking heads.

Next, apparently everyone doodles, including presidential and vice-presidential candidates. What do Obama's and Palin's doodles say about them? His are "economical" while hers "look like a teenager's writing." Are we entirely surprised? Should we also be wary of the doodle-analyst's political bent? Should we also just be wary of a doodle-analyst in general? Seriously, can one make a living that way? I definitely need to change careers.

Finally, on the Hillary front - everybody says she's been offered the position. The word is that it's Bill's (possibly) shady financial dealings which are holding up the actual appointment. And the new word from sources close to her is that Hillary might reject the offer anyway (according to Politico.) "She is still weighing this, independent of President Clinton's work" the source said, indicating that press reporting of HRC's willingness to accept the appointment as soon as Bill's vetting is done is inaccurate. Know what it sounds like to me? Sounds like she's completely willing and ready to accept the job. Of course she's "weighing it" - if Obama decides not to appoint her based on her husband's business ventures, she's got an out... she didn't want the job in the first place! I did the same thing at 8 years old when my mean big brothers would change the channel from Nickelodeon to MTV... "Good, i didn't want to watch that dumb kid stuff anyway" - I was just deciding what to watch next ;-)

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Josh Khabir said...

Just wanted to touch on the worries that Obama's staff and cabinet are drawing too many people from the Clinton admin. We have to stop and think about this. We want change but we do want people in the White House with experience. The fact is that if we want a democrat with White House experience, its gonna have to be people from the Clinton administration! I don't think we want to reach back 30 years to Carter's administration (that wasn't exactly popular anyway). And, yes, I agree with you. Would a repeat of the Clinton years be that bad for this country?!? Oh how we long for a time when our biggest worry was a cum stained dress!