Sunday, January 27, 2008


I waited awhile between posts because I hoped someone would comment on my previous post... alas, no dice. Meh.

I watched Juno last night (Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Allison Janney) - what an awesome movie. It had that Napoleon Dynamite feel to it, only much cooler, and a much more important subject (not hard to be more important the nunchuck skills and llamas... or whatever Tina was?). Anyways, I highly recommend it. I've added it to my "movies-that-are-awesome-because-they-don't-make-me-scared-of-having-an-alien-baby" list. There are two on the list now. (The other one is Knocked Up). Now don't get me wrong - i do not want babies! All I'm saying is that what is a horribly scary prospect for me is slightly less scary after seeing these films. I think it's the whole, "It was an accident, and a really shitty situation, but I can still make the most of this" mentality of both Katherine Heigl's and Ellen Page's characters. I still think newborns look like aliens.

In other news, I bit the bullet last week and decided to start paying for my music, and jumped on the ITunes bandwagon. And honestly? I'm pretty glad I did. It's nice to be relatively caught up on music again (something I prided myself on until I came to Korea). I just have to make sure I budget monthly for the ridiculous amount I'm sure to spend on it. In my first day, I spent around $55. Steph has Napster, pays $14/month, and has unlimited downloads. I would do that, if i hadn't been dumb and bought an IPod... and you can't put Napster downloads on your IPod. So ITunes it is, until my IPod dies (and judging from the IPods of my friends, it shouldn't be too long!) It's making my runs a lot more bearable though. I did my 9-mile with no music, and that was a little monotonous. My 7-mile yesterday went by quickly though, as Alicia Keys, Mika, and Hanson (yes, Hanson - the new album!) set my pace.

Speaking of my runs: Yesterday, doing 7 miles felt like nothing at all, probably due to the fact that I did 9 the week before. Weirdly enough, my last mile was my fastest mile.

I'm outta here March 2nd, by the way - got my itinerary last week. Vegas should brace itself...


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