Monday, January 21, 2008

Rain, Rain...

I have a common excuse not to go for runs here at Kunsan: It's raining. It rains a whole lot here. Yesterday, it wasn't raining, but it was wet out, which was close enough for me. Of course, since I'm on a half-marathon training schedule, I can't miss too many days in a row for fear of looking like a fool when I literally fall off the Hoover Dam at the half marathon in March. So today, despite a rather icky, freezing rain (33 degrees), I made myself go do my short run. It was only a 30 minute run, but it made me realize something significant: Precipitation is a terrible excuse not to run! I felt like a little kid, slopping through the puddles. Not only that, but because my clothes were sopping, I didn't even feel myself sweating. That combined with my IPod pumping Mika and Alicia Keys into my ears so I couldn't hear myself breathing harder, and it was like I wasn't even running, and just romping in the rain. (Yes, romping. I would have said frolicking but due to my excessive stomping in puddles and my lack of dancing, I felt like romping was more appropriate).

It's a little bit sad, running out of excuses not to run. Of course I know myself only too well, and certainly I'll find something else soon enough. For anyone interested in my progress, though, I am up to 9 miles on my long weekend runs. This weekend I'll drop back down to 7, then back up to 9, then climb to 12 before the half marathon on 15 March. Then maybe I'll celebrate with a massage and a big steak. (No, not at the same time... but imagine that! MMMmmmmm.... Steak massage...)

Comment provoker: How should I celebrate after completing the 6 Tunnels to Hoover Dam Half Marathon in March? Keep in mind I'll be in Vegas and all manners of celebrating will be at my fingertips. Ready, Go!

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